Auckland Spring

Better than Google Maps, Auckland’s Sky Tower offers a panoramic view of the city. From my 220m perch, I acclimated myself to this city of 1.3 million on New Zealand’s North Island. Situated on an isthmus between Manukau Harbour on the Tasman Sea and the Waitemata Harbour on the Pacific Ocean, Auckland was vibrant as the locals soaked up the sun on this early spring day. One of the Sky Tower lookout points noted Albert Park – one of the city’s many green spaces. I joined the rest of the Kiwis for a relaxing few hours in the park, catching some sun and enjoying this beautiful park.

(click on any thumbnail to scroll through larger images, but note it may take about 1 minute to load all images properly…if you see a black screen where an image should appear, check your email, grab a coffee…patience!).

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